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Advanced Sales Training

Our advanced sales training is ideal for more experienced sales people who have been selling for some time. This training will help you reflect on your overall approach and specific skills so that you create a clear development plan.

If you’ve got to this page you might be looking for training for your sales people who have been doing the job for a while. Maybe they’re facing changes? Maybe the competition is getting more competitive? Whatever the reason the next step is to browse this page and then contact us for a chat. We can talk though your situation and see how we can help. Part of the discussion will be around what’s been tried, what are the challenges and what needs to change. As a result you will move your thinking forward.

How to make the best better?

If you’re already a successful sales person then you may be wondering if there is anything you can learn? But sales isn’t just about success in one year, it is about success every year. And it’s about success in the face of change.

You want to make sure you are equipped to face the changes ahead. So that you can be successful in any situation. Our advanced sales training workshop will help you achieve your goals.

Advanced Sales Training - Blend of Training & Coaching

Our approach to advanced sales training is a blend of training and coaching. This means there is a mixture of presenting and explaining ideas with discussion. This coaching conversation is based on the participants’ real situations. The benefit of this approach is that you get relevant ideas applied to your daily situations.

Advanced Sales Checklist

The Advanced Sales Checklist gives you a clear picture of what you are great at and where you need to develop. Useful for both the sales person and sales manager.

Advanced Sales Presentations

Our Advanced Sales Presentation model is a framework with skills to help you make outstanding presentations which will help you win more business.

Advanced Sales Training Agenda

Workshop design

At the very start we need to discuss your market, your services and your sales people. We can talk through the challenges your team face and how you think advanced sales training might help.

Pre course activity

Before the course each participant and their manager use the Target advanced sales checklist. This is so that they can assess where they have room for improvement.

Course details

Post course activity

Each participant completes the course with specific feedback to help them develop. After the course they receive an email reminding them of this feedback which is copied into their sales manager. 

Why would you consider our advanced sales training?

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