We’ve all done it. We draft an email, check it’s right and press enter. But then there’s no reply. We check the email address, check it went. Especially with internal emails, we send it again. But they still don’t reply.

I’ve spoken with clients who have said they’ve sent an email three times with no reply, others who have tried over ten times.

So what should we do if someone doesn’t reply to one or more email? Send another one? It clearly isn’t go to work, probably. Don’t email again, first stop and think of something different.

One idea is to call them. Another is to call their secretary/PA to find out the best way to communicate with them, or see what’s going on. Another idea is to try emailing at an odd time of day. I’ve heard of emails sent at 7.30am have a higher chance of being replied to than those sent during the normal working hours of the day.

Email has become a default communication technique and it’s use is undeniable, but sometimes we just need to pick up the phone.

What to do if you keep sending emails but they don’t reply?
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