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Telephone sales training will have a huge impact on your team in their motivation and their productivity. ITD’s approach is focused on getting you the right result and driving sales, through our unique blend of training and coaching.

Telephone sales training in 2015

ITD have worked with telesales teams for over 16 years and our skill is in working out what the best approach is for your business, and how to help the team understand their development areas. We work with your sales director, sales manager, or team leaders by listening to calls and getting a thorough knowledge of your business. Using proven techniques we then design a training experience which is very practical;  a blend of training and coaching and which works to deliver the impact and change you want..

This is a highly practical one day workshop, designed to develop appointment making skills through a combination of reviewing the specific approach, role play and live telephone work

What is telephone sales training?

Telephone sales training helps your people improve their approach and their success. Training gives them a chance to look at their skills and identify where they could develop and how to develop.

Telephone sales training with ITD

At ITD we have developed a high impact approach to telephone sales training using a combination of training ideas and coaching. This means your sales people gain ideas and then make calls to practice these ideas with coaching from our trainer. This live approach was first developed by us 16 years ago and has proved very successful ever since.

Typical challenges of people on telephone sales training

  • “I’m not sure what to do with some people who don’t say much and are quite abrupt.”
  • “Our telephone sales people need to close more deals, they’re good at quoting but not that good at closing.”
  • “I want to know how to get more rapport with people.”
  • “We want ideas on how to make our telephone sales team a success, this is a new department for us and we want to get it right.”
  • “Becoming a telesales team is a new direction for us, where before they were more like order takers, now they need to be more proactive.”

With ITD your telephone sales training is tailored to your needs

  1. At no extra cost, we will tailor the training to your needs.
  2. We will discuss your needs with you in terms of what result you want to achieve. And then we will translate this into trainable behaviours.
  3. A training programme is then designed and agreed. The balance between training input and live calls with coaching is also agreed.




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Telephone sales training overview

The following gives more detail of our approach to telephone sales training, but to find out more on how this could work for your business please call us for an informal chat.

Who is this training for?

Any sales people who wants to improve their telephone techniques. These will include telephone sales people and mobiles sales people.

How long will it take?

Typically one day, or two half days, plus follow up.

Where can the training take place?

Anywhere. All we need is a room suitable for the training and the facility to sit with each sales person at their desk and listen in to their calls.


Personal Development Objectives

  • Business Objectives
  • Personal Objectives
  • Personal Development

Preparation for the Call

  • Getting organised
  • Opening the call
  • Creating a positioning statement
  • Features and benefits
  • WIIFM (What’s in it for me) for the customer

Voice & Attitude

  • Positive introductions
  • Building rapport
  • Setting the call into context
  • Influencing with the voice

Communication Skills

  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Key questions to ask
  • Strategy for voice mail
  • Closing the call

Objection Handling

  • Likely objections
  • Options for responses
  • Handling price
  • Pre-handling objections

Role plays / “Live” Sessions

  • One to one role plays
  • “Live” hourly session with one to one coaching provided

Workshop Review

  • Session review
  • Team learning points and action planning

Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of the organisation.
  • Definition of the impact you want to see.
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs.
  • Agreement of agenda.
  • Participants complete a short questionnaire and read the ITD Work Style Model in preparation for the workshop.

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions
  • Email follow up of personal action plans
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions
  • Optional 121 coaching
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions
Telephone sales training has immediate impact and results
Telephone sales training has immediate impact and results


Typical outcomes

  • Participants learn a clear framework on how to approach telephone sales
  • Your people gain practical ideas in their context so that they can implement the ideas straight away.

What our clients say

  • “Very good training which our sales people really liked.”
  • “Tailored to our business making it very relevant training.”

What the participants say

  • “Gave me a clear idea on how to improve my selling technique.”
  • “The live calls were great as I got specific ideas on how I could just make a few changes to improve.”

Actions participants have taken from ITD telephone sales training

  • “I need to pay more attention to the style or personality of the prospect and mirror accordingly.”
  • “Listen more!”
  • “Assume less about what they already know.”
  • “Build value more by understanding their needs and matching these with what we have.”
  • “More assertion and confidence in the call, to ask for the business.”
  • “Slow down! I talk way too fast, so I’m going to work on this with feedback from my colleagues.”
  • “I need to close more, all the way through the call.”

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Call us on +44 (0)800 804 8086 to explore helping your sales people be more effective with our telephone sales training


Telephone Sales – Case Study

The finance team is based in UK has a team who provide quotes on financial products.


The team has been through some changes, and the market has seen significant changes as well.


The training need was to help refresh the team’s approach. They needed a reminder of some of the fundamentals as well as new ideas. As in any sales situation the ability to handle objections is crucial. ITD’s approach to pre-handlinobject sins has proved to be a real winner.


We spoke with the team manager and assitant manager. We also took the thoughts of the team via email and we looked at the market. From this research we developed a one day workshop which focused on their specific needs.

We developed the following agenda for this live training workshop. Live means we helped the team with making calls in the training, through coaching and feedback.

  • Personal Development Objectives
  • Outbound Call Process
  • Elements wMach make up success
  • ITD coaching checklist
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Developing your First Impression
  • Typical objections
  • How to handle any objection
  • Pre-handing objections
  • Top Tips for making outbound calls
  • Preparation before the call
  • Types of closes
  • Practising closes
  • Scenario role plays with telephone equipment
  • Personal Coaching – 1 : 1 development during live calls
Telephone sales training has immediate impact and results
Telephone sales training has immediate impact and results



The main outcomes of this session were:

  • I am glad I sat in on the training because I can see how well the session was run.
  • The team gained ideas on their approach in closing, pre-handling objections, handling objections, questioning, listening,and other telesales skills.
  • The team practised their skills with coaching from the trainer and received individual feedback.

What the participants said

  • “I did stay until 7pm last night to have some conversations. The first client was quite direct so I adapted my style and pre-emptied any objections as he did mention he was shopping around. When I presented the quote he said ‘Yeah I will go with that,  you have covered everything’ Result!!!
  • “Very good trainer really knows his stuff.”
  •  “I did find the training session very helpful, thank you.”
  •  “I found the training really helpful especially the handling and pre-handling objections.”
  • Did the training fulfil your expectations? Yes, definitely!



Why choose ITD for your telephone sales training?

1. Our telephone sales training is tailored to your business.

2. Our approach is a blend of training and live coaching to help your people learn how to do this and then how to implement these changes.

3. This is a very practical approach.

4. Our approach to fees is flexible and is based on a discussion of your budgets.

5. We follow up the training with a variety of options including our blog, tip sheets and optional coaching.

6. We are down to earth and will talk your language about how to improve results.



Call us now on +44(0)800 804 8086 for a chat on how our telephone sales training could help you achieve your business goals


Telephone sales training

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