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Leadership Training GlobalCollect started in 1994 as a division of TNT in order to add value to its distribution services by enabling international publishers to invoice worldwide as well as to accept payments in local currencies.  As a result, GlobalCollect

Team Leadership Training

team leadership training

Our team leadership training is skills based and practical Team leadership training Team leadership training gives new team leaders clear ideas on the key principles, and more experienced team leaders new ideas for effective performance of the role. The Team

Virtual Leadership Training

virtual leadership training

Virtual Leadership Training Our virtual leadership training gives you practical strategies and ideas on how to improve your presence on video calls. As a result you will improve your impact and inspire confidence in your team. The session is dynamic

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills In this article we review Leadership Skills in the Workplace.

What Is Leadership?

What is Leadership In this article we review the nature of leadership in the workplace and answer the question, what is leadership.

Leadership Training

Leadership training

Virtual Leadership Training Our virtual leadership training is delivered in a number of short sessions, typically between 60 to 90 minutes per session. We use Zoom or your preferred platform. The number of participants can be up to twelve.  Each