Presentation Skills Course

Presentation Skills Course

Our Presentation Skills Course gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to learn from the experienced trainer and ask them any questions about the subject.

The agenda is set out below and there is the opportunity to buy extra one to one coaching.

To access this training simply contact us to start the conversation.

Presentation Skills Course Agenda

Pre Course

Complete our online personality questionnaire. This will help in considering your own presentation style and how to adapt your presentation to your audience.

Introductions & Objectives

We start the session by you sharing the kind of presentation you want to improve your skills on. This means we tailor the content according to what you say and make the training totally relevant to you.

Differences and challenges of presenting virtually

We explore the differences and challenges of presenting in the virtual world. Some of the key actions to take are introduced and discussed.


With virtual presentations your video becomes very important as a way of expressing your professionalism. We give you ideas on how to frame yourself and get the most from your position and lighting.


You will get ideas on the speed and emphasis of the voice when presenting virtually.

Engaging the audience

Our ideas on how to engage the audience with our presentation skills course are always popular. This means keeping people listening to you whilst not necessarliy doing anything.

Involving your audience

Involving your audience means getting them to take actions in some way. Depending on the platform, Zoom, Teams etc. that you are using, we adapt the ideas to suit.

Slide style and structure

You will gain some simple and impactful ideas on how to structure your slides. Our maxim is less is more. The presentation is about you and your slides are there to support your talk.

Tailoring the content

Taking a critical look at your content is vital when presenting in the virtual world. We give you ideas and tips on how to structure your talk and build your slide content.

Virtual Presentation Skills Training FAQs

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes and right from the start.

Can I get advice on slide content?

Yes, just ask what you would like to know if we don’t cover it in the session.

Will I need to present during the training?

Only if you want to. We may ask one or two to present to the group, or in break out rooms. But if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.

Virtual Presenting Training
Joining others in the virtual training room can add to the experience

Participant Feedback

This is feedback from our virtual presentation skills training and other virtual training.

Virtual Presentation Open Course
You can learn to present virtually from anywhere

Booking this Virtual Presentation Skills Course


The cost of our Virtual Presentation Skills Course is just £90.00 per person, including the pre-course online personality questionnaire. Payment is taken with a credit card. You will be emailed a receipt and a zoom link to the training.


This is a two hour course including a short 5 minute break half way through. 

Book the Presentation Skills Course

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Gain more ideas on how to present both live and virtually from our online learning videos

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