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Nudge Training for Lawyers

Nudge is a set of ideas to subtly influence people’s behaviours. We have taken the basic Nudge concept and applied it to every day work situations for lawyers when interacting with clients, colleagues and seniors.


Trilegal is a full-service law firm with offices in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram and Mumbai. They have been consistently recognised as the best Indian law firm for the quality of our services and client satisfaction. The firm’s all-equity lockstep model, based on transparency, democracy and meritocracy, is unique in India. They are proud that the firm has been recognised for its commitment to diversity, equality and sustainability.


The need was to give lawyers, at Associate level, a different way of thinking about influencing colleagues and clients. Nudge is a subtle and gentle way to influence without pushing.

We developed a training intervention with two parts, both delivered virtually. The participating lawyers came from all of the Trilegal offices.

The Nudge ideas were applied to everyday usage by a lawyer. This means in communication or negotiation with clients, colleagues and partners.


The training was split into parts. Part 1 was a three hour virtual session with the following agenda:


  • Challenges.
  • The Who What & Why of this workshop.
  • What is Nudge?
  • The Genius behind Nudge.
  • Nudges all around us.
  • Reverse Nudges.
  • Nudge explained with practical examples:
  • Framing.
  • Make it Easy.
  • Choice Architecture.
  • Make it Normal.
  • Nudge Review of How It’s Done Now.
  • Workshop summary.
  • Personal actions & Part 2 review.

Part 2 happened 2-3 months later, with the following agenda:


  • Review of the key Nudge ideas.
  • Examples of implementation since part 1.
  • How to apply Nudge to everyday situations.
  • Personal actions.


Each participant completed the part 1 session with actions to explore and implement prior to the part 2 session.

They also had actions to implement after completing the part 2 sessions.

Participant Feedback

Nudge for lawyers

Client Comment

“We’ve had all the part 1 and all the part 2 sessions. The feedback has been excellent. All the sessions were very thought provoking and practical.”

We had some very positive comments from the lawyers:

“It was a wonderful experience speaking to Martin and learning from him. He was patient, observant and always made the class interactive. “

“This was very helpful and much needed.”

Nudge Training for Lawyers - Workshop Details

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