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International Training and Development (ITD) was established in 2002. Our objective is to solve your challenges with soft skills training. This means we want to help solve your challenges in your organisation. Secondly it means we do this with our innovative soft skills training. Thirdly we want to help solve challenges you might have with your existing provider of soft skills training.

International Training and Development working internationally, anywhere in the world

At International Training and Development we’ve been working with organisations internationally since 2002. This has included projects in a wide variety of locations including; California, Sydney, New York, Cairo, Moscow, London, Paris and many more places around the world. We work with many cultures and people. And we work with many different sorts of business and organisation.

With the massive growth in virtual training in 2020 we have worked across the glode with organisations from Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, China and Middle East.

We start with your needs

We start with a conversation about your needs. This can be by telephone, face to face, Zoom  etc.

We talk through questions like: What do you want to achieve? Is there a challenge you are trying to address? Who are the people you would like us to work with? Tell us about their perspectives and challenges. What would like the training to achieve?

Tailored training at no extra cost

We discuss your needs, take our training principles and then do as much or as little tailoring as is required.

Experience in working with a variety of cultures

Working in a wide variety of countries has given us an experience and sensitivity for different cultures. We have noticed a difference in the perception of employee expectations, work ethic, holiday take up and reverence to seniority. This means we can position and adapt our training to accommodate these nuances.

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