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Finance Training

Appello partner with housing, health and care providers, empowering them to benefit from a digital era of telecare and Technology Enabled Care (TEC). As market leaders in digital telecare and Technology Enabled Care (TEC), they support clients to transition to digital services.

Their experience combines specialist people in the UK’s most innovative TEC monitoring centre, with future-led, cloud hosted, digital technology. This enriches the lives of service users enabling them to remain safe, secure, well and living ‘smart’ within their communities.


The organisation has 55 leaders who have been through a leadership development programme. Of these, 40 were selected to further enhance their knowledge and skills in finance.


The specific requirements of this financial awareness training include:

  • Awareness of what a P&L is and its purpose.
  • Accurate and realistic budgeting.
  • Commercial relevance of the P&L.
  • Revenue & costs.
  • Importance of cash.
  • Their role in the financial health of the business.


The overall proposal is to design and deliver two training sessions. The content was tailored and delivered through our business simulation, It’s Not Just A Numbers Game. The simulation involves participants in small groups creating their business, its objectives, strategy and key financial goals. In four quarters each business makes decisions which lead to financial and business outcomes. During the year unplanned eventualities occur which reflect the reality of operating a commercial business. These eventualities have a direct impact on the finances of the businesses and reflect how their organisation is being lead and managed. The teams needed to consider their reactions to these situations.

Each quarter the teams receive their financial and business results, based on their decisions.

At the end of the year each team receive their final results. They have a chance to discuss their performance as well as individual and group learning.

The session was supported by a member of the finance team who was there to answer any Appello specific questions, especially those arising from the Quiz sections of the training.


Both sessions were lively, highly interactive and engaging. Every participant joined in the discussion, asking questions and exploring finance issues.

Participant Feedback

“Very good, thank you.”

“Really good training session.”

“I loved bringing the ideas to life with the game.”

Client Comment

Verbal feedback was excellent. Written feedback to follow.

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