It may be St Valentine’s day and we may be required to express our love for our dearly beloved, but how can we express this spirit in other ways?

Today may be the day when we can all be a bit sloppy and send our valentine a card, a message, chocolates or flowers.

But maybe we can do other stuff as well. We could do things for strangers or colleagues we don’t see that often. For strangers there is a whole bunch of stuff we can do. And think about all the colleagues you work along side, or occasionally work with, but not that often.

Here are some ideas, not in any particular order, just nice things to do:

  1. Let someone else sit in that seat on the train, tube, metro etc.
  2. Hold the door open for someone never mind their gender.
  3. When you’ve finished your newspaper see if anyone else would like it (non ipad version obviously)
  4. Buy a stranger a coffee.
  5. Give someone a lottery ticket.
  6. Say well done to anyone who does anything good for you today.
  7. Get home early and make the dog/cat/partner a special meal.
  8. Make coffee or tea for a different department from your own.
  9. But a cake for your finance team.
  10. Buy your boss a samosa. (because their delicious and different, the samosas that is)

Or just smile when you feel like frowning.

How can we express the spirit of St Valentine’s day today?
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