Territory management training

Territory management training is crucial to ensure sales people and account managers are spending their time as efficiently as possible. It is always possible for your sales team to be busy, but are they busy doing the right things, or spending their time focussing on the best opportunities?

The need for sales people to have a structured approach with a dynamic plan is essential to ensure targets are achieved. Not having such a plan can easily lead to wasting time and resources on less productive accounts.

Territory management training in 2015

Territory management training is essential as it covers disciplines which do not always come naturally to sales people. In 2015 planning is more essential than ever as the opportunity for distractions and time wasting from smartphones increases. Basically our territory management training course helps sales people to get organised and stay organised.

Territory management training with ITD

The ITD approach to territory management training is structured and we base the workshop on your sales people’s actual territories. We call this Live Training; working as you learn. We can help with successful territory management whether on a national or international level, a recent project had us working with sales people from across Europe.

Issues covered can include; Identifying the key clients, defining strategic priorities, the balance between servicing large accounts and developing fast growing new accounts.

https://www.itd.com/territory-management-training/Target Territory Management Tools from ITD are designed to be easy to understand and simple to use. See below.

Typical challenges of participants on our territory management training

  • “I’m not sure where to focus. I think I’m doing a good job but I’m not certain.”
  • “I am very busy, working long hours, but I’m not sure if I am busy doing the right things.”
  • “I want to learn some principles of how to manage my area better.”
  • “I seem to spend a lot of time on accounts which don’t deliver that much against my target, but then I need to look after them a bit, so I need to learn how to manage each client better.”
  • “I’m not sure how to analyse my area to show me where I should spend my time.”
  • “I have no overview of how my territory is doing.”

How do we tailor our territory management training to your business?

  1. We discuss your business and the sales team to define exactly what the training needs to deliver in terms of focus, and behavioural change.
  2. We design the training based on your needs and then design any scenarios around your market.
  3. The training is delivered with a training / coaching style to help your sales people develop their approach.
  4. You can also purchase our follow up which includes one to ones, coaching, or attending your regional sales meetings.

What are the potential costs of not training your sales team on territory management?

  1. Time wasted on less productive accounts.
  2. Opportunities missed as service is given to accounts which do not hold as many opportunities.
  3. Losing out to the competition.
  4. Lose money.
  5. Lack of focus.


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Territory management tips for sales managers:

  • Good territory management training covers both the processes and skills your team needs. Processes give clear expectations on the structure you require, and skills the behaviours you require. This means your team will be operating within clear expectations as to how they will spend their time.
  • Focus is the key word in our territory management training. Focus on the right accounts and talk to the right people about the right products, or services. To ensure your sales team focus in the way you want them to, and in a way which might seem obvious to you. Our territory management training will give you the comfort that the team have a structure to operate within.
  • The key processes required by professional territory management include a territory analysis tool. This requires grading your accounts into usually three or maybe four levels. A, B, & C accounts. A are the most lucrative, typically big accounts with lost of margin. B are slightly smaller but which may have the potential to grow, or just stay as they are. C accounts will be smaller and may be new accounts. If the former they will require very occasional or, even only telephone account management. Of the latter they will need more attention to help them grow. D accounts probably need dumping as they will take more effort to service than they generate in revenue, unless they have potential of course.

Territory management tips for sales people:

  • You probably enjoy having a territory because it gives you the freedom you want from a job or career. You probably enjoy selling because you prefer not to have the routine of a desk bound job. This means you probably need the structure our territory management approach will give. You will still have the freedom but underpinned with structure.
  • Focussing your effort will bring rewards. You know which are the most lucrative accounts, but you also know which people you prefer to work with. And the two may not be the same. So being a social person you might be drawn to spend too long with less productive accounts, with people who are nicer to deal with. Our territory management training will give you the focus required.
  • Good territory management includes planning your diary. It means planning your travel and your effort. Rather than reacting to the needs of your accounts as they arise, you plan when and where you will be. Of course there may well be a need to be flexible and react to important needs as they arise. This planning means looking at you diary and your accounts and planning where you will be on certain days of the week or weeks of the month.


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Territory management training – overview

The following gives details of our territory management training, but please call us for a chat on how this could work for your business, we’d be happy to talk it through with you.

Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of the organisation.
  • Assessment of the potential impact for the training.
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs.
  • Agreement of agenda.
  • Participants complete a short questionnaire and read the ITD Work Style Model in preparation for the workshop.


  • Half a day for an overview to three days for a full programne.

Typical Issues this Training Addresses

  • Sales people not sure how to organise their territory.
  • Strategic priorities translated into a territory plan.
  • Account plans across the territory started and developed.
  • Hoe to get organised!

Typical Agenda

  • The participants’ challenges with territory management are reviewed.
  • Reviewing the performance of all the accounts in a territory by turnover and margin.
  • Identifying key accounts in your area.
  • The 80:20 rule and the implications of this analysis on time management.
  • Categorising accounts into A, B & C accounts.
  • Using the tools:
    • Target Territory Analysis Tool
    • Target Account Plans
    • Target Sales Questions Tool Kit
  • Segmenting accounts in the territory.
  • Territory strategies.
  • Developing a territory plan for your territory.
  • Account plans for each key account.
  • Account actions for each segment and each account.

What will your sales people learn?

  1. How to look at their territories, using the tools we supply, to give a better view of what to do.
  2. How to focus their activity in the most productive areas and on the most productive accounts.
  3. Improved time management in that they will learn how to focus their time on the activities and opportunities which will give them the most reward.

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions.
  • Email follow up of personal action plans.
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions.
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions.
  • Optional 121 coaching.
  • Optional attnedance in their regional team meetings.
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions.



ITD Target territory management training helps sales people plan & implement these plans for improved performance
ITD Target territory management training helps sales people plan & implement these plans for improved performance

Typical outputs

  • A detailed territory plan.
  • Detailed account plans for each major account.
  • Improved sales planning.
  • More efficient time management.
  • Better focus on clients which deliver the most revenue.
  • Better use of time by the sales team.
  • Improved actions for each account.
  • More appropriate service levels for different accounts.
  • Improved results.




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https://www.itd.com/territory-management-training/ ITD TARGET© Sales tools

ITD have a range of sales tools to help sales people develop their approach to their accounts. These are branded as the TARGET sales tools range:

https://www.itd.com/territory-management-training/ TARGET© Territory Analysis Tool

The TARGET Territory Analysis Tool gives sales people a simple format to create an overview of their territory. It includes a simple way for categorising their accounts according to the revenue/margins achieved into A, B & C accounts. It also takes factors in the potential revenue/margins achievable especially with B & C accounts. The tool includes details of products. In a snapshot the sales person can see an overview of their territory. They can see how balanced it is. Are they relying too heavily on one, or two major accounts? Do they have a good spread of accounts? Is there a good spread of products across the territory?

The Target Territory Analysis Tool is written in excel and will fit with any CRM system.

https://www.itd.com/territory-management-training/ TARGET© Sales Questions Tool-kit

The TARGET Sales Questions Tool-kit gives the sales person a range of questions to adapt and build on. The idea being that your sales people can go into their future client meetings equipped with some great questions. They can select the questions most appropriate for their account and then adapt them to suit the situation.

The Target Sales Questions Tool-kit is written in excel and will fit with any CRM system.

https://www.itd.com/territory-management-training/ TARGET© Account Plans

The TARGET Account Plans have been developed to give sales people a simple and effective tool to plan their account activity. The plan gives the sales person sufficient detail so that they can clearly see what they know and where their knowledge is lacking. It will show them where the opportunities are and where there are threats. It will also give them ideas as to why the account is under achieving. Gaps in knowledge are very clear to see. The output is that your sales people will be much clearer about what they need to do to develop revenue from the account. The Target Account Plan is written in excel and will fit with any CRM system.




To find out how these sales tools could help your sales team call +44 (0)800 804 8086



Territory management training – case study


Biotech business with national therapeutic sales team




The sales team are highly trained specialists with degrees in microbiology or similar. Their territories are geographical and include a number of hospitals.


The training need was to ensure the team were focussed on the key accounts where they believed there was most potential for business growth.


We developed a 2 day session in the office where each specialist was required to bring their account list and territory details into the session.

  • Review of national sales objectives.
  • Personal targets.
  • Review of territory accounts.
  • Analysis of performance.
  • Assessment of opportunity.
  • Levels of service by opportunity and past results.
  • Categorisation of accounts.
  • Action planning for each account.
  • Planning territory activity.
  • Time analysis.
  • Real account role play.
  • Personal actions.


ITD Target Territory management training helps sales people plan & impleemnt these plans for improved performance
Territory management training with ITD helps sales people plan & implement these plans for improved performance


  • Each therapeutic specialist created a territory plan and within that a plan for each account.
  • The overall difference was in the sense of refocussing the teams in what they would do day to day.

Client comment

  • “Very useful time spent reviewing the territories and better planning.”

Sales people comments

  • “Great to develop a detailed plan for my patch.”
  • “Good to work together with other specialists under the coaching and guidance of the trainer.”




Call us on +44 (0)800 804 8086 to explore how our territory management training could help your sales team



Why select ITD for your territory management training?

1. Training is designed for the needs of your business and your sales people.

2. Our unique action planning tool gives your sales people the best chance of implementing their actions.

3. Our training is a blend of instruction and coaching to help the participants with changes they choose to implement.

4. Using our Live Training approach means your team will be learning whilst they work.

5. Our training consultants create a positive and supportive learning environment.

6. The ITD flexible approach to fees means that we can help fit the training into your budgets.

7. We support learning with follow up on a number of levels and options.

8. The https://www.itd.com/territory-management-training/ Target set of tools are simple and effective to give your team the structure they need.





Territory management training

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