Key Account Management training

Key account management training

Our key account management training is ideal for those new to selling to key accounts. It is also a great refresher for those more experienced in the role.

In the training you will learn a great approach for managing your key accounts. It will train you on how to assess your key account’s vulnerabilities and opportunities. If it is a good account your competitors will be looking at it very carefully. You will learn what steps you could take to make your accounts more secure.

We use our LIVE training approach. This means analysing your actual live accounts. You will work with colleagues on your key accounts. Going forward you will be able to apply the methodology to any account in the future. So with our key account management training you will be able to apply these ideas to an actual account in the session.

Clients of our key account management training

Which roles are right for our key account management training?

This training is ideal for those sales people who focus on a small number of key accounts. We expect you to spend most of your time with just a few clients. Therefore the pre-course work is essential to getting the most from this training.

The training is ideal for those roles which have more of the ‘farmer’ than ‘hunter’ responsibility. That is, where you need to develop long term relationships to develop revenue.

These include:

  • Key account managers.
  • National account managers.
  • Regional managers.
  • National sales managers.

Ideas reviewed in this training

We cover a number of ideas in this training. These have been developed as our own IP (Intellectual Property), unique to ITD Sales Training. These ideas include the following:

Personality at work

Personality Model

Our Personality Model helps you to build better relations with key contacts, especially those with more challenging personalities.

Account Plan

Development Plan

Our Account Development Plan is a simple and effective tool to better plan your activity with your key accounts.

Key account management training overview

Pre course

The course involves each participant working on one of their key accounts. Part of this includes a pre-course task of analysing the account. This is done with a SWOT analysis which we review in the training. The other part of the pre-course work is to make sure you have all the necessary data relevant for that account, to access during the training.

Course agenda

Post course

Each participant receives an email summarising their actions which is copied in to their manager. They also have access to the training consultant for follow up. 

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