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The WhatsApp WorkCoach is a way for you to access solutions to your everyday work challenges. You get help with your work challenges from an experienced coach. And access that help when you need it most.

How does it work

You simply send a WhatsApp message asking your question, or explaining your challenge at work. You will be sent a message from the coach with either an immediate answer, possible solution, or a message with an expected time for when the suggested answer/solution will be sent.

You can send your question as a message or a voice note. You will receive the reply either as a message or voice note.

What questions can you ask

You can ask any work related questions. These include anything to do with leadership, management, supervision, self organisation, communication, presentation, assertiveness, resiliance. Basically anything relating to the subjects we train on. They exclude legal questions, or those of a technical nature.

The ideas you receive are just that, ideas. They are based on experience but that’s not to say they will work every time. They should be seen as food for thought and add to your thinking.

Here are some example questions

Q. I’m finding it hard to separate work from personal life whilst working from home, any ideas on what I can do?

A. You could try walking to work. Literally leave your home, walk for x minutes, then go back into your home, which is now your workspace. Then at the end of the day, pack up your stuff and put it away = very important. Leave your work space and walk home.

Q. I’m working more hours now I’m working from home, than I did when I went to the office, what can I do?

A. You could try establishing your start and end times for the day. At these times you turn your computer on and off. You talk with your manager and colleagues and agree this is when you will be working. Just as you would if you worked in the office. The more you have your computer on and reply to emails etc. the more your colleagues will expect it.

Q. The work I’m delegating is coming back to me on time, but the quality is not good enough. I’ve tried giving them feedback but it doesn’t seem to work.

A. It may be that despite understanding your instructions, the person doesn’t know how to achieve this. A common delegators’ habit is to delegate without enough involvement in the task. Try breaking the task down into smaller steps and checking in/training the person at each stage as they need it. It will be more time consuming but you will hopefully start to get a better result.

Who can purchase WhatsApp WorkCoach

Anyone whether you have been on one of our training courses or not.

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What are the benefits

The benefits of the WhatsApp WorkCoach include the following:

Easy Access: You simply send a WhatsApp message.

Access when you want it: You can send a message at any time. You will either receive a reply straight away, but if not immediate we will always endeavour to reply within a few hours.

Suggestions for your challenges: When you have a challenge at work you can have access to possible solutions.

Ideas for big stuff or little stuff. You can ask for ideas on the big stuff like managing people, or small stuff like time management. Actually we think all this stuff has the potential to be big, as even small stuff can have a big impact on your day to day work life.

Experienced Coach: The ideas come from many years of working with people on these subjects in different organisations and in many countr.

How quick is the response

We will either reply straight away, or within a few hours. WorkCoach is based in UK, so if you’re in a different time zone the reply might come a little later.

What is the cost

The cost is just £10 per person per month. WhatsApp WorkCoach starts with a 7 day free trial, after which the subscription is £10 per month for 12 months. Volume discounts and special offers for organisations are available from time to time, so please contact us for more details.

Who is the coach

If you have been on training the WorkCoach is whoever delivered your training, so that you get the continuity of contact. If not it will be the most appropriate coach for your question. The lead coach is Martin Chapman who founded and runs itd.com, and has been designing and delivering training on these subjects for over 20 years.

WorkCoach suggestions

The WorkCoach may also send you suggestions, tips and ideas from time to time.

WhatsApp WorkCoach follow up to training

We offer the WhatsApp WorkCoach service to organisations who have purchased our training. The participants from training can use the service to access the trainer to ask any follow up questions. This is an effective way to help support participants implement their actions from training.

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