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Telesales training gives you ideas and tips to improve your approach. We help you develop your skills to improve your success rate by giving you simple models and frameworks to apply immediately. Our telesales training is practical and our ideas can be used in any market.

What will our telesales training give you:

This telesales training is ideal for these roles:

Anyone who has a responsibility to sell on the telephone will gain from this training. This includes both people who have a full time sales role, and those who need to sell on the telephone as part of a wider role.

Telesales Coaching forms part of our telesales training

Telesales coaching is a key part of our approach to telephone sales training. With training you can expect to get great ideas based on our experience over the last 20 years. And we tailor this to your business. But our inclusion of coaching takes this to the next level. It means your people will be coached on these techniques. In the training the sales people make live calls with the trainer coaching in one to one sessions.

You can also buy this coaching as a separate item. This is particularly useful when you feel your people have been trained but the changes you want to see have not yet taken place. 

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Models & frameworks used in our telesales training

We’ve developed a range of models and frameworks to make our telesales training unique. These models have a common theme in that they are easy to understand and simple to apply:

Personality Model

Gives you a simple tool to show you how you can engage with every customer you talk with.

Questioning Model

Our questioning model gives you a simple framework to adapt to any telesales situation.

Closing Model

The closing model gives you simple ideas on how to close your prospect at every stage in your sales process

Voice Control Model

This simple tool shows you how you can control your voice for maximum impact on the telephone.

What challenges can our telesales training help with?

Our practical approach to telesales training gives you ideas which will help with your every day work. The kind of challenges we can help with include:

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