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Sales Motivation Training

Sales motivation training can help your team get the drive they need. Your team may need a boost, or to refresh their approach. Our Sales Motivation Training can get your team back on track. We’ve been working in sales training for over twenty years and we understand that even in the best team’s motivation can dip. With our approach working with the sales managers and the sales team, it gets your sales force firing on all cylinders!

Sales Motivation Training Agenda

The actual agenda we deliver in our Sales Motivation Training depends on the circumstances of your sales team. The ideas below can be seen as a starting point from which we can select and add to. Once we’ve discussed your situation we will design a draft agenda for review. So you get exactly the right content and approach for your training that you need.

We may also need to include some principles from other sales training courses such as Basic Sales Training or Account Management Training. Check out all of our Sales Courses here. We will design the content based on your needs so that you get what you need for the development of your sales team.

Removing mental barriers

Sometimes a sales person, or a team,  can get the idea that things are stopping them from selling.  These mental barriers can grow and spread in the team. Sales Motivation Training can remove these barriers. Here are some of the barriers that you might see appear in your team:

1. The competition are better

A sales person sees what the competition are doing and starts to think that they are unbeatable. But more often than not, when we look behind the headline, it’s not that great. So once a sales person gets an idea like this into their head, it needs to be removed.

2. Our prices are too high

This is a very common mental barrier. In our sales motivation training we work on the relationship between price and value. We look at competitor pricing, our pricing and value. This can seem like a very challenging barrier, but in fact it usually can be dealt with quite easily.

3. They won't be interested

This is one form of second guessing that many sales people fall foul of. With some fundamental principles explained this issue can be dealt with.

4. It's so difficult

Sometimes sales people say things like this. Where did they get the idea that it would be easy? If it was that easy we might not need a sales person; maybe the web would do the job? Our sales motivation training looks at attitude and how we set ourselves up with the right mindset, every day. So your sales team walk in with the right attitude every day.

5. We don't have any benefits

Sales people can often forget what a benefit is. They get confused between features, advantages and benefits. And they get so used to their own products, services and solutions that they forget how great they are and why they joined the organisation in the first place. We run exercises which deal with this and re-motivate the team, and in fact excite them about what they’re selling.

And there are many more barriers. Whatever the mental barriers your team are experiencing, we can deal with them in our sales motivation training.

How do we design and deliver this training?

Sales Motivation Training Process

Feeling good about your product / service / company/ brand

Here’s an example of our approach:

It’s sometimes the case that sales people feel demotivated about their company, brand, service, or product. Our sales motivation training deals with this. One way we approach the challenge is to look at the data.

What do our customers say?

Many companies gather data from their customers. It’s so easy to do on the internet these days. But others do it via email surveys, or through third party agencies. The point is that if we can see the data it often tells us a better story than anecdotal evidence. When presented to the sales team in the right way, this can help to re-motivate and re-energise.

Let's look at the results

Sometimes it can feel that things are worse than they actually are. Nothing speaks stronger than sales results. Taking a look at these and actually seeing what customers are saying with their wallets, can be enlightening. It can certainly have a positive impact on motivation to look at previous sales and forward bookings.

What does the data say?

When looking at the data we can ask, which clients actually matter the most? Whose opinion really matters to this business? If we look at the data behind the clients which really drive our revenue, it can be very revealing. The reality is often less demotivating than it feels at first.

Our approach to sales motivation training is a holistic one, where we take a look at the entire sales situation. This means we can design the training from an informed perspective and get the team re-motivated. We do this based on our experience of sales teams and sales training over the past twenty years.

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