retail sales training

Retail sales training

Our retail sales training helps your people sell more. How do we do this? By showing ways that your sales people can improve the experiences your customers have. You already know that your customers’ experience is vital in retail sales. You create a great store, with appealing products and tempting offers. And part of the experience is in the behaviours and interactions of your staff. In our retail sales training your staff will learn how to improve this. We have an expertise in sales combined with knowledge of behavioural change to create our unique sales training. All the time during the training we relate ideas to the actual situations in your store. In conclusion, this makes our training relevant and very useful to the participants.

How retail sales training can help in a competitive market

The retail market is as competitive as it has ever been. How your people interact with your customers is one of the key areas you can gain a competitive advantage. Our retail sales training will make your team think differently about how they interact with customers. Your people are the difference between an ordinary and an outstanding customer experience. So our retail sales training will help your people deliver this.

How can retailers improve sales?

Customers are becoming experts at shopping. With the internet they can shop for pretty much anything at anytime. They can do their research, read reviews and get as much product knowledge as they want to. So what really matters is the value added your people give in store.  The customer experience in your stores has to be exceptional and in line with your brand values.

Our retail sales training takes your brand values and translates these into behaviours for your team. So the customer will feel the product/service experience is seamless.

Your customers always have a choice and by improving their experience you will encourage them to make your stores the right choice for them.

How do we make this training live?

Live training is an idea we developed to make training as relevant as possible to participants. So this means making it as close to work as possible.

With our retail sales training one of the best ways to do this is by running the training in store. Some of the ideas can be introduced and discussed in a meeting room. They can then be applied in store. You can also apply them with real customers, in role plays and with actors.

If not in store we can still create an ‘in store’ environment. Helping your people engage with customers can be a challenge. Avoiding the classic ‘Can I help you?’ can be difficult.  The opening is crucial here. How to engage without sounding scripted? We give your people a methodology for how to assess each customer. From that assessment comes a different engagement strategy. And then we look at what to actually say. This gives your people a refreshing approach to service and sales.

What makes our approach unique?

Our approach is a blend of training and coaching. We explain ideas, illustrate them and apply them to real situations. But then we go further, we discuss with your people how they apply, to them, in their day. Our experience of behavioural change theories means we help your people work on specific behaviours. We work with them as coaches in the training. This is so that they learn exactly how to apply the ideas to their working day.

Models & techniques used in our retail sales training

We have developed a number of models unique to our retail sales training that can be adapted for your business:

Personality at work

Personality Model

Our personality model is one of the most popular we have developed. It gives you a simple tool to adapt how you engage with every customer.

body language in retail sales

Body Language Model for Retail

This body language model gives you a simple tool to interpret your customer's behaviour in store. You can use it in any situation.

retail sales training

Questioning Skills Model

This questioning model gives you a simple framework to adapt to any retails sales situation. It's easy to understand and simple to apply.

It's Not What You Give, It's What They Get!

The customer experience model gives you a new view on what your customers are going through as they enter and experience your stores.

Who is our Retail Sales Training right for?

Our retail sales training is right for anyone in a retail selling role. We adapt the content, examples and role play situations to match your business.

Challenges our Retail Sales Training helps with?

Our retail sales training is aimed at adding value to you by giving your people practical ideas. We do this using our own models and tailor the training to your business. In this way we create a training experience that is memorable and enjoyable.

The typical challenges we help with include:

retail sales training workshop
Customer Experience is front and centre of our retail sales training

Retail Sales Training Overview

Retail Sales Training - Pre course

Training agenda - retail sales training

Ideas in Action

Action Planning Model

Retail Sales Training - Post course actions

How is the training delivered?

You can choose. We can deliver in one session, in a short series of session or in a number of bite size sessions. It can be via video if you prefer. Let’s discuss what works best for your team and your business. 

What will your team gain?

Where do we start?

We start with a telephone conversation. A simple talk about your market, your challenges and your people. From that we discuss how you’d like training to help and if training can help. If we agree that we can, then we move on to how our retail sales training will help you achieve your goals. So it’s over to you. Call us for an informal chat, and then maybe we could meet in store.

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