Our One to One Learning Sessions are perfect when you have just one person who wants to learn more about a specifc subject.

The session typically starts with a review of a pre-session telephone conversation, or email exchange, on the learning objectives of the participant. The context is set by the participant in terms of what challenges they have and what they want to improve.


The typical subjects we cover in our One to One Learning Sessions include:

  • Presenting with Impact
  • Project Management
  • Managing People
  • Delegating
  • Leadership
  • Personal Efficiency


The content of the session is driven by the participant. Ideas are introduced by the training consultant to match the needs of the participant. These might be frameworks, models, tips, experiences and processes. The level of detail explored is again driven by the participant’s needs.

The conversation starts with the participant describing their situation and the challenges they experience. The training consultant then introduces ideas, which are explained, illustrated and applied.

The content is taken from our training workshops and applied to the participant’s situation to make it a bespoke session.


The duration of the session is driven by you, but typically this will start with a two hour session. Further sessions can then be arranged if necessary.


One to One Learning Sessions are surprisingly cost effective compared to classroom workshops for multiple participants. Please contact us for further details.


A One to One Learning Session can be arranged very quickly if required, it’s just a matter of finding matching diary time.

Training Consultant

The training consultant is very experienced with the subject, so that they can introduce ideas as and when required during the session.


We run these type of sessions successfully both face to face and remotely using any of the available video platforms. We find the outcomes are similar, although as you might expect, people tend to prefer face to face because of the human interaction.

How to find out more?

Simply contact us for a dicussion on how a One to One Learning Session might be right for you.