Workshop Overview

Leadership presentations inspire the firm and ensure understanding.

Leadership presentations are different from regular presentations. The latter require skills to communicate a message and engage and influence the audience. The Leadership presentation requires these skills and more; to inspire the audience and make them feel positive about the message, whatever the message.

The subject matter can be varied, from describing the future direction of the firm, to explaining potentially bad news. This kind of presentation can explain the detail but it also explores the vision and overall direction of the firm and logic behind this direction

This workshop takes the partner’s skills to a higher level. It is a very practical session where partners bring in actual presentations to practice. They gain feedback on the content and the delivery and receive ideas on how to improve.


Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of the firm
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs
  • Agreement of agenda
  • Participants prepare a leadership presentation to use in the workshop.


  • Three quarter to a full day, or two half days.


Typical Agenda

  • Introductions & objectives
  • What is a leadership presentation?
  • Partner’s leadership presentation subjects
  • Objective for the presentation
  • The basics; use of slides, structure, communication skills
  • Focusing on the strategy & the vision
  • How to turn a difficult message into an inspirational presentation
  • Personal actions

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions
  • Email follow up of personal action plans
  • Suggested conversation with other partners
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions
  • Optional 121 coaching
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions

Client/Participant feedback

  • “I gained very good, very specific feedback which is incredibly useful.”
  • “Very worthwhile.”