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International Sales Training

We have designed and delivered international sales training sessions in many countries. Our approach is to tailor the training to the client’s needs. This means tailoring to the market, product and services, as well as the participants in the room. It also means tailoring the length of session and the contents. So the difference if you choose Target Sales Training, is that we make sure the content fits your objectives. In this way you get exactly what you want. Virtual training sessions delivered to any country.

In-Person or Virtual

Our training can be delivered in-person or virtually. The impact of both formats of training is impressive, but don’t take our work for it, check out our reviews page.

What makes ITD International Sales Training different?

Great ideas

Over the last 20 years of designing and delivering sales training we have developed a number of ideas. Great ideas on how to sell, get organised and deliver results.

Applied to your business

We tailor the sales training to to your business. This means we take our ideas and make them totally relevant to your market and your people. For example with our questioning model we develop great questions for your sales people to use. So you get training which the sales people can use straight away.

Blend of Training and Coaching

Our style is a blend of training and coaching. This means we introduce ideas, apply them to your business and then help your sales people use them through coaching. So we take the training one step beyond others by helping your sales people develop their skills.

Behavioural Change Specialists

One of the unique aspects of our international sales training is our behavioural change expertise. We take the very latest in behavioural change theory and apply them to your sales team. This means we help your sales people put new ideas into the best context for them to implement. So it gives them the best chance of making the changes you want to see. Making the training that more cost effective.

Key Considerations

If you’re considering organising international sales training here are some key things to consider:

Cultural diversity

What cultural elements do you need to be aware of in the markets you are selling in? It is easy to assume that one approach will work for everywhere. But this is not necessarily correct. Selling in USA is very different from selling in UAE. The first step is to learn about the culture and then to adapt your approach.

Market differences

Apart from the cultural aspects of different markets there may be market differences to consider. For example the maturity of a market may differ. How much the web is used for transactions may differ. the role of sales people and sales support may also vary.

Language issues

Many organisations use English as their language to do business in internationally. But locally that may not be the case. At a sales manager level English may be spoken with ease. However at a sales and sales support level, English may not be spoken at all.

Deliver in local language

If some or all of the population to be trained do not have good English then delivery in local language can be considered.

Instant translation

One interesting option is for instant translation. This is where the course is delivered by one or more trainers who ensure a consistent way of delivery. Plus there is a translator who translates the session word for word, as it is delivered.

Central design

It is usually a good idea to design your sales training centrally and then adapt to different markets as is required.

Live Training

Live Training is our method for bringing your sales peoples’ work into the training room. They work on their accounts whilst learning about new sales techniques. For example, in our Account Management Training, your sales people bring details of a key account into the session. They work on it and apply new ideas to their key account.

We have run Live Training sessions in a variety of countries including USA, across Europe, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong & Singapore.


Pilots are always a good idea to test the design of your international sales training. Despite careful design there are always opportunities to improve. Running a pilot with a carefully selected group gives you the opportunity to test the training.

Sales Manager Pilot

Running a pilot with the sales managers is a great idea for a number of reasons.

  1. It results in the sales mangers being aware of the ideas and techniques their sales people are being trained in.
  2. You can include a coaching skills section to ensure the sales managers are aware of what they need to know to follow up on the training.
  3. To add any coachng skills developemnt needed to help with follow up on the sales training.

It may be that the sales Manager Pilot is a shorter version, but it is invaluable to underpin the success of any sales programme.

One to One Coaching

It is very typical for one or more countries to be ahead of others in terms of it’s level of sales skills. To help the others One to One Coaching can be considered. This is where you give extra support to those sales teams that need it. We call it One to One but it may be One to Two or More. It just means those who would benefit from it, get the extra help they need. 

Some examples of clients we have helped with international sales training

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Countries where we have experience with international sales training

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Training tailored to your needs

Our international sales training is designed to suit your needs. Yes we do have models and frameworks which we use in our training. We adapt these to suit your business and your needs. This means we put them in the context of your business. Your sales people won’t have to work out how things will apply because we do this for them.

Contact us for an informal chat about your business needs and those of your international sales team. Call +44 (0)800 804 8086 or complete the form below.

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