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WFH Time Management Training - Case Study

This is an overview of our work on WFH Time Management Training – Case Study. Clarke Willmott is a leading law firm that takes pride in being different. Their strong reputation is built on genuine client relationships and exceptional people – each chosen for their industry knowledge and passion for their field, as well as their first-class legal credentials. They have grown their expertise to seven offices around the country, whilst remaining true to our strong local roots and values.

Their talented legal teams offer expert advice and support on a broad range of legal services to individuals and businesses based in the UK and overseas. The focus is on the most involved and complex matters. Clarke Willmott say you can be confident you are working with the highest calibre legal team, without the big city price tag.


The pandemic has forced people all over the world to work from home. In law firms especially the need for the ideas covered in this WFH Time Management Training – Case Study, are essential. It is so easy to work longer hours, remove breaks and push oneself too hard. This training was organised as a pilot to test the content and practical nature of the ideas matched to the participants needs.


The basic need exlpained in this WFH Time Management Training – Case Study, was for participants to take stock of their time management. This included reflecting on their approach to all aspects of their time management but especially the personality drivers and need to be assertive.


A two hour virtual classroom session was organised for 8 participants. These included lawyers and paralegals from two offices.

The content included:

Challenges in Working From Home.
The Impact of Personality.
The Need for Assertiveness.
Work / Home Boundaries.
Personal Organisation.
Personal Actions.


Each participant gained specific actions to implement immediately. These were drafted according to their needs and priorities.

Participant Feedback

“Very useful because now have some actual actions we can take away and try to put into practice – practical, not just theory.”

“Very useful.”

“Really enoyable and a good level of interaction considering WFH.”

Client Comment

“Excellent feedback from the participants. The training gave them very practical ideas and strategies for using their time more effectively.”