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Virtual Written Communication Skills Workshop

This engaging one-to-one workshop is designed as a review and refresher of the key principles in written communication. It is tailored to the needs of the participant and uses their typical emails or documents as examples. The aim is to improve the style and structure of the participant’s professional writing. This includes a variety of formats including emails. Strategies and ideas and are introduced within the context of your organisation and the needs of the participant.


Founded in 2007 as JCW, consistent year-on-year growth has seen the business evolve into JCW Group – a global recruitment specialist comprising three specialist brands, each with a focus on delivering sector-specific talent solutions to businesses worldwide.


The specific need was to create a learning intervention that would give ideas, strategies and tips on how to improve email communication to senior colleagues. This was for a one to one session to help with personal development in written  communication.


A 3.5 hour virtual training session was designed and delivered. In the two weeks before the session the participant completed the ITD Work Styles Model and submitted a number of actual emails for review in the training. These were emails that were considered to need review to see if improvements could be made.

The agenda included:



3.Understand your reader.








11.Personal actions.

The actual session was a blend of training with a lot of coaching on how to plan and draft effective emails.


The session closed with a number of actions to implement including:

  1. Decide on a clear objective before starting an email.
  2. Use a framework or structure when drafting complex emails.
  3. Create a range of template emails.
  4. consider the receiver when drafting emails.
  5. Change to neutral language when required.

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