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Time Management Training - Lawyers

Clarke Willmott is a leading law firm that takes pride in being different. Their strong reputation is built on genuine client relationships and their exceptional people – each chosen for their industry knowledge and passion for their field, as well as their first-class legal credentials. They have grown expertise to seven offices around the UK, whilst remaining true to their strong local roots and values.


Lawyers tend to focus very much on gettingthier work done, rather than how they get their work done. They want to give clients an outstanding service and deliver on time. Our job was to help them think differently about thow they use their time to acheive client goals.


Challenge the lawyers’ perceptions of how they use their time, to provide useful strategies and tips to sue time more effectively.


We used a number of strategies to encourage lawyers to look again at how they use their time.

Time analysis formed part of this. We used a pre-course questionnaire and utilisation data to inform this debate.

  • Does time dictate the task, or does the task fill the time?
  • Personality drivers of time behaviours.
  • Daily goals.
  • Managing yourself not the task.
  • What do you need to achieve today  this week?
  • What does an amzing day / week look like?
  • How do we measure quality?
  • Managing expactations of colleaues and clients.
  • Time management strategies and tips.
  • Personal actions.


Particpants left the training with specific time management goals as well as overal behavioural actions.

Participant Feedback

“Very different approach to time management.”

“Refreshingly different.”

Client Comment

“Thank you. Excellent training giving us a different approach to what can be a tired subject.”

time management training for lawyers
Time Management Training for Lawyers