Red Digital Cinema is an American company that manufactures professional digital cinematography cameras and accessories. The company’s headquarters are in Irvine, California, with studios in Hollywood, California.


Red are a highly innovative company helping to revolutionise photography in film making. The UK team had an expertise in photography. We have worked with Red on a variety of projects including a consultancy project on recruitment.


The specific need was to help develop the skills of the team in telephone communication with clients and prospects.


We developed a series of short training interventions based on typical calls with clients and prospects.

Training was followed by live call coaching with each participant to help embed new skills and assist them with situations.


All the participants enjoyed the sessions and gained a number of strategies and tips in telephone communication.

Participant Feedback

“Very interactive training.”

“Really fun.”

“I don’t like doinmg role plays, but they were great.”

“The coaching was really useful.”

Client Comment

“This was well thought through and very professional training. The team really appreciated it and the brief was delivered. Our expectations were exceeded, so thank you.”