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Financial services sales training

Our sales training extends to many different markets. In this case we worked with a financial services company working in the retirement sector.


The team has been through some changes, and the market has seen significant changes as well.



The training need was to help refresh the team’s approach. They needed a reminder of some of the fundamentals as well as new ideas. As in any sales situation the ability to handle objections is crucial. ITD’s approach to pre-handling objections has proved to be a real winner.

Tailored solution

We spoke with the team manager and assitant manager. We also took the thoughts of the team via email and we looked at the market. From this research we developed a one day workshop which focused on their specific needs.


We developed the following agenda for this live training workshop. Live means we helped the team with making calls in the training, through coaching and feedback.

  • Personal Development Objectives
  • Outbound Call Process
  • Elements which make up success
  • ITD coaching checklist
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Developing your First Impression
  • Typical objections
  • How to handle any objection
  • Pre-handing objections
  • Top Tips for making outbound calls
  • Preparation before the call
  • Types of closes
  • Practising closes
  • Scenario role plays with telephone equipment
  • Personal Coaching – 1 : 1 development during live calls

Participant feedback

  • “I did stay until 7pm last night to have some conversations. The first client was quite direct so I adapted my style and pre-emptied any objections as he did mention he was shopping around. When I presented the quote he said ‘Yeah I will go with that,  you have covered everything’ Result!!!
  • “Very good trainer really knows his stuff.”
  •  “I did find the training session very helpful, thank you.”
  •  “I found the training really helpful especially the handling and pre-handling objections.”
  • Did the training fulfil your expectations? Yes, definitely!

Client comments

  • The training paid for itself on the same day as the training. Remarkable! Managing Director
  • I am glad I sat in on the training because I can see how well the session was run. Sales Manager
  • The team gained ideas on their approach in closing, pre-handling objections, handling objections, questioning, listening,and other telesales skills.
  • The team practised their skills with coaching from the trainer and received individual feedback, which was very useful. Sales Manager