Case Study - Presenting a Webinar

With unparalleled expertise in EU competition law and international trade and customs law, the firm is uniquely placed to offer expert advice to companies confronted with the uncertainties resulting from Brexit.

As a result of the UK’s exit from the EU, companies and government entities involved in trade disputes and/or major competition cases will no longer deal exclusively with the European Commission. The UK authorities will carry out parallel and independent investigations under their own rules. Van Bael & Bellis’ exceptional reputation in the areas of international trade and competition law will enable the firm’s clients to successfully navigate both EU and UK proceedings and filings.


Associates at the firm either contribute to or deliver webinar style sessions for clients or more widely to the market.


The specific need was to develop a training intervention that would give practical ideas and tips to create more impact when delivering a webinar.


We delivered a 90-minute virtual training session with the following agenda.




4.Webinar subject.

5.Webinar structure.

6.Telling a story.



9.Engaging your audience.

10.Handling questions.


12.Talking to all work styles.

13.Summary & Actions.


Each participant finished the training with specific and personal actions to implement.

Participant Feedback

“Thank you.”

“It was a great session.”

“Thank you very much for this session. That was very interesting!”

Client Comment

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