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Leadership Presentations

Medium sized pharma business working in UK and across Europe.


Like any organisation there are times when challenging or difficult messages need to be communicated by managers to their teams.


The need for this training was to show these managers how to make leadership presentations, which inspire their teams to accept even difficult messages and be highly motivated.


The session required participants to bring their most challenging messages for practice. Following instruction from the trainer each person creates their presentation and then gives their presentation to the group. Feedback is from the peer group and the training consultant to help tailor and refine the content and the delivery. The agenda included:

  • Participants’ challenging messages
  • What is a leadership presentation
  • Structuring the leadership presentation
  • Looking at the issue form the team’s perspective
  • Practice and feedback
  • Developing the presentation
  • Practice and feedback
  • Personal actions


The participants learnt the difference and impact of leadership presentations.

Participant Feedback

“I hadn’t really thought about presenting in this way.”

“Very useful.”

Client Comment

“This training took these leaders’ presentation skills to another level. They are already very good presenters, but the leadership element is so important. I am very pleased with the training, as always.”