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The sales management team of this medium sized and highly respected pharmaceutical business, are very experienced and successful. This was about fine tuning excellence.


Each sales manager has a team of between 8 and 11 sales people. The skills, abilities and experience of their sales people varies widely. The sales people are required to work towards targets but also contribute to projects.


The need was to give the sales managers ideas on how to get more from their teams and manage them more effectively. The sales managers are very experienced and very capable and can be seen by the sales people as an easy place to go for answers rather than to think for themselves.


We put together a mix of facilitated sessions with a blend of discussion, fun activities and working on real issues.

Typical agenda

  • Personal objectives & challenges
  • Why Coach? A Senior perspective
  • Coaching defined within a context of management
  • Preferred style of Management – Framework for Development
  • Qualities of a good coach
  • Questioning framework
  • Coaching Skills & Processes
  • Coaching tools
  • Giving feedback – a balancing act
  • Practice scenarios
  • Workshop summary & personal actions


The participants really appreciated the training and left with specific actions for their teams.

Participant Feedback

“Really good session with lots of practise.”

“The roleplay was amazing. We could see peoples’ skills develop as they went through the exercises.”

“Very well facilitated by Martin, who really makes us all fel comfortable and open to reflecting and learning.”

Client Comment

“As always, a brilliant session.”