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Developing Confidence in Presenting

This international bio-pharma business needed to develop the skills of its resellers in the Middle East and South Asia markets. We developed a conference workshop training event for this large group of resellers.


Resellers can be a good way of getting distribution into countries which are not economic to open a full subsidiary office.

The challenge is that resellers tend to sell a range of products, from different suppliers,  and so do not always have the product knowledge that employees develop. Training resellers is a necessity but it also needs to be done under a tight budget. For this reason a training event to help these resellers with their product knowledge is a cost effective activity. This session had over 60 reseller participants from ten countres. 


The objective was to develop the confidence of key resellers to present products to their clients in their countries in the Middle East and South Asia. This included their product knowledge and their confidence in presenting this knowledge.


The client has an overseas office that acts as the central office for many other countries. The client wished to get their resellers together to review how to present their products and at the same time improve their presenting with impact skills. Sixty representatives from Eastern Europe, the Middle East & the Indian Sub Continent gathered in Greece for a three day meeting including one day for the presenting session.

Using four ITD consultants, some of whom used local language to work in, the day was topped and tailed with large group sessions. The first of these was a demonstration of how not to do it. The ITD consultants showed how not to present whilst participants in small groups scored points for identifying the errors. This proved an excellent way of breaking the ice and making the participants recognise some of their development areas, and take comfort that they were not alone.

Four ITD training consultants presented in conjunction with 2 client colleagues. The session was a blend of presenting what was required then breaking out into small sessions for practice.

Top tips were drip fed into the  session with feedback encouraged between participants. The ITD consultants used entertaining demonstration which went down very well.

Quizzes were also used in competition to develop knowledge of the products, as a back up to more formal on line training.


Each participant gained specific knowledge on how to present the client products. It was felt to be a fantastic learning experience which was fun and very productive at the same time. 

The meeting overall was a great success with participants feeling that they had not only learnt about the product, but had developed their presentation skills for use with these products and generally.

Participant Feedback

“It was an excellent meeting, with very professional presenters, from whom we learnt a great deal.”

Client Comment

“ITD did a great job and completely delivered on our expectations.”