Being assertive is part of time management training
Being assertive with oneself is part of time management training

Time Management tips – take control

Many of us have to respond to the many ad hoc issues that land in our inbox during the day. We have to reply and we have to be service oriented. But do we need to reply instantly?
Well sometimes yes we do. But taking a step back, is the an opportunity to take control of our time and manage these ad hoc issues.
For example might it be possible to do 30 minutes of project work and during that time to turn the email off? After 30 minutes to turn it on again and deal with the emails that have come in. So the longest anyone is waiting is 30 minutes, or whatever time you decide to dedicate to your project work. In this way we can focus on the piece of work without the distractions. This may be possible for some of the day so that we can ensure the completion of both ad hoc issues and project work.

Time management tips – take control

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