Teamwork training
Teamwork training has an impact on performance and motivation

Team working – do something for someone now!

Often with team working activity we look at how to work together. When looking at live situations people often ask us, ‘how can we improve our team working’ and ‘I need to work closer with the other department.’

In terms of improving relations with other people or teams consider what you have done for them recently. Or even better what they have noticed you do for them. Now think of something you can do for them now!

Stop whatever you were doing, now do something for them. Anything, small, big, anything.

Go ask them if you can help with something. Ask if they are waiting on anything. remove a block form one of their projects, or just make them a coffee, or buy them a cake.

How often do we just see people when they want stuff. Maybe you could be different.

Team working – do something for someone now!