Post training action planning occurs at the end of every training workshop and course.

Post training action planning – challenges

  • Participants don’t implement their actions.
  • The value form the training is lost.
  • The investment is wasted.

The search for better post training action planning

At ITD we have been searching for a better way to go about post training action planning as a support of the training investment. Every Learning & Development professional knows that without implementation the training investment is potentially wasted.

The ITD approach to post training action planning

We have developed a new approach to action planning. This approach is in the shape of an action planning tool developed in conjunction with our behavioural scientist. We wanted a tool which would help participants make the behavioural changes required to underpin the implementation of their post training actions.

In other words a tool which would help them do what they say they’re going to do at the end of the training.

The ITD post training action planning tool

The ITD post training action planning tool is underpinned by a host of behavioural change research findings.

What are the key influencers on predicting whether a person will make a behavioural change or not?

How can we help the participant frame their actions in such a way that they have the best chance of implementing them?

With the ITD action planning tool the participant goes through several stages. The stages help to make the final action more robust and realistic.

This way of doing actions takes a little longer and can take a lot longer, but this is only because the actions are complex behavioural changes.




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Post training action planning

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