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BD activity often gets relegated so start early in your career

Networking for junior lawyers, is it worth it?


We are often asked by junior lawyers; trainees, newly qualified or one to two years PQE, is networking worth it at our level?

What are the reasons for networking at your level when you are just starting out in your legal career:

1. Yes those you network with are not the commissioners of work, but they probably will be one day. Just as much as you will appreciate getting work from them, they need to have good lawyers they can trust, and who better to trust than someone you have known for a few years. This might sound a bit harsh, but we’re not saying this is the only reason for making and keeping contact, you may well become friends, but both will have a problem to solve and if you can help all the better, if not, still good.

2. It starts and gets you into a good habit. We all know modern lawyers need to be business winners as well as ‘good at the law’. Starting early puts you in the right frame of mind, it means you can practice and home your skills at BD. It also means it’s not a big change when as an associate you realise you have to do it to become a partner.

3. It is actually rather rewarding and not nearly as bad as you think it’s going to be. You meet people with a good chance of having similar interests, they will be bright and more than likely interesting.




Networking for junior lawyers, is it worth it?

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