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Management styles training helps managers to be the best managers they can be, by reviewing their personality and natural management preferences. It then goes on to explore their best suited management style based on their personality at work.

We tend to have a way of managing based on our own experience, our personality and our instinct.

This workshop explores the participants’ management styles using a model designed by ITD from our experience. The ITD Management Style Model is practical and is based on our experience in working with managers for many years.

Management styles training in 2015

Managers tend to manage in a way which suits their personality. Research shows that changing a behaviour is very challenging, so it is not surprising when we see managers managing with behaviours which they are most comfortable with.

In order for managers to do things differently any ideas or tips need to be in a context which they can apply based on their personality and work style.

Management styles training with ITD

Management styles training with ITD is quite different, in that it does not tell participants what they should be doing, but rather explores sound management principles in the context of their personality. Our style of blending coaching and training in this way gives a very beneficial learning experience for participants.

What is management styles training?

This management styles training workshop gives managers a simple framework and tips / ideas which they can apply immediately in the workplace, because they are created to suit their existing management style.

Typical challenges in our management styles training?

  • “There are some parts of managing people which do not fit comfortably with me and I think exploring my management style will be most useful.”
  • “I want to learn about how I can manage a diverse group of people.”
  • “I need to know how I can manage comfortably and how to work with quite a wide variety of personalities.”

How do we adapt our management styles training to your organisation?

  • We design the management styles training to suit your organisation’s culture and core values.
  • In this way we adapt the training to reinforce your core values whilst mindful of the personalities of your managers.
  • We tailor the management styles training to suit your organisation’s needs and the learning experience you want us to deliver.


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Management styles training – overview

The following gives an overview of our approach to management styles training; we do adapt our training to suit your needs and the learning you want to take place.

Pre workshop activity

  • Meeting to discuss the participant’s needs and those of the organisation.
  • Draft workshop outline tailored to your needs.
  • Agreement of agenda.
  • Participants complete a short on line questionnaire and read the ITD Management Style Model in preparation for the workshop.


  • Full day, or two half days, with optional coaching follow up.


Typical Agenda

  • Introduction & objectives
  • Management challenges
  • ITD Management Style Model / Thomas International PPA report – understanding our approach to management
  • How our behaviours fit into the model
  • Where we have challenges & why we have challenges
  • Ideas and tips for each challenge within the context of each style
  • Playing to your strength, how to manage based on your personality
  • Personal scenarios
  • Workshop summary
  • Personal actions

Post workshop activity

  • Participants leave with individual actions
  • Email follow up of personal action plans
  • Suggested conversation with their line manager on their actions
  • Optional WebEx conference call follow up on these actions
  • Optional 121 coaching
  • ITD blog with further tips and suggestions



management styles training
Management styles training from ITD has immediate impact

Typical outputs

  • Participants get a greater incite on the impact of their personality at work.
  • They also get clear ideas on where and how they could improve their management skills
  • Participant gain ideas on how to develop their skills.
  • Ideas on effective people management are implicit in the training.

Client feedback

  • “The Managers always enjoy this session as it gives them insight into their own behaviours.”

Participant comments

  • “Very interesting training session, with some surprises.”
  • “Lots to think about.”
  • “Very useful time spent considering my management style.”


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Management styles training – case study


International law firm with participants coming from offices across Europe.


The Managers in this business have teams of varying size but all have a degree of interaction with other departments and external suppliers. It can be a high pressure work environment with tough deadlines and demanding internal clients.


To give the managers an insight into their individual management styles. From this awareness to be able to make more informed choices on how to manage their teams.


A one day workshop was developed with pre work of the completion of the on line questionnaire. There was a blend of trainer instruction, group discussion and small group exercises.

The Manager’s challenges were put into context of their management styles. For example the friendly manager who like to be friends with their team, can find it difficult to discipline or create clear behavioural norms. So the participants spend time understanding their profile and then the possible implications of their profile.



management styles training
Management styles training from ITD has immediate impact



The main outcomes of this session were:

  • Managers developed awareness of their management styles.
  • They gained insight into the possible implications of their profiles.

What the participants said

  • “Very interesting training.”
  • “Excellent trainer who really helped us to see how our personality can underpin our management style.”
  • “I have a lot of work to do.”





To explore the ITD management styles training and model just call +44 (0)800 804 8086



Why choose ITD for your management styles training?

1. This is a really thought provoking and unique approach to management styles training.

2. We adapt the training to suit your needs and those of your people.

3. The training is based on a psychometric questionnaire and report which is simple to read and understand.

4. The training uses the ITD Management Styles Model whihc is very simple to understand and apply.

5. Our training consultants create an open and constructive learning environment.

6. Our flexible approach to fees means that we can work together to get the training to fit your budget.









Management styles training

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