Time Management Training

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This team service clients internally and externally and whilst resources are limited there is no shortage of demands on their time.


The team have found increased demand for their services by external and internal clients. With increased demand comes increased pressure as the team want to maintain their high quality of service.


The team manager recognised the team’s commitment to quality and increasing quantity of work. The need to be as efficient as possible became very visible. The needs for training can be summarised as; The ability to manage expectations of less urgent requests but relatively demanding individuals; To ensure work is being managed as efficiently as possible in its flow through the department; To give each individual a look in the mirror on their skills and personal and inter-personal efficiency.


We designed a one day training session based on discussion, individual tasks and team work. Follow up was a session where each individual presented the results of implementing their actions to their manager and the training consultant. Content of the training was based on the individual’s challenges and pressures brought into the training room.  The session looked to answer the participants’ challenges including:

  • How do I manage someone’s expectations who is quite pushy?
  • What can I do to become more efficient?
  • How do I prioritise seemingly similar work?
  • How can I do my job in work hours and leave without feeling guilty?


The main outcomes of this session were:

  • Each person gained valuable tips and ideas on how they could improve.
  • The team learnt new ways of becoming more assertive with clients.
  • Each participant discussed their personal challenges in an open learning atmosphere which lead to real progress in exploring their work style.
  • The team found new ways of becoming more efficient.

Participant Feedback

“Very good training which really showed me how to become more efficient”

“I learnt about how being assertive can help me and help the client”

“It’s amazing how just seemingly quite small tips can have a big impact on my time”

Client Comment

“I am really pleased with the training and the value my guys have got from it”